"Claiming a committed craft design, I made myself known with Chut! Collections, a concept of decorative objects and small furniture made entirely from scraps. The pieces are made in Alsace in close collaboration with artisans from the region.


The concept was born from the idea that a simple scrap of wood can be turned into a quiet new object, both ecological and aesthetic. But my approach goes beyond eco-design and sustainable development. It is part of the slow design movement, a philosophy theorised by Alastair Fuad-Luke. Advocate slowness in the face of frenzy. Produce differently. Produce less, but of better quality. Pieces that last, that we like to keep for a long time or even pass on. Timeless pieces. Pieces that make us think. Use local, renewable, recycled and recyclable materials. Natural and noble materials such as wood and leather. Ecological finishing products. Reconnect with craftsmanship. Manufacture locally, in a closed circle. Unique pieces or small series. Consider the object and its making as a whole. Find the balance between Humans and Nature.


From simple and geometric forms like the circle, I like to work in superposition, marry the raw and the finish. I have fun creating intriguing surfaces. The so-called poor materials are ennobled. Up-cycling yes, but with refinement and without any effect of fashion. I want to breathe a soul into the object, and thus give an emotional value to my creations. Insisting on well-done work, each piece is the fruit of a long work of composition and confection. The result is a collection with a singular aesthetic, sculptural and full of poetry, inviting to contemplation. Slow design beautifully crafted."


Beatrix Li-Chin Loos


Photograph: Vase Bonsai Equilibrium / © Patrick Bogner