TRAMEZZINI / duo of vases

Very small series

TRAMEZZINI is a duo of vases composed of two triangles, each containing 3 glass tubes. Its originality comes from the graphic pattern created by the crossing of different layers of wood and their grains. It exists in beech and elm. According to your inspiration, you can create your own compositions. With a beautiful handmade finish, each vase is marked and, due to the veins of the wood, becomes a unique piece. And some delicate engravings around the theme re-use will interpellate you...


It is the famous Italian sandwiches called TRAMEZZINI that lent their name to this originally shaped vase. "At the beginning, there were triangular scraps left from the making of round tables, and in order to minimize the loss of material, I wanted to keep this shape."


Eco-design does not stop with packaging. The designer also explores an innovative and ecological packaging concept. The aesthetic packaging is re-used as an object in itself. To instil it a second life, 7 cuts of coasters and 1 cut of a drip mat for a bottle have been included. And do not hesitate to re-use the frame: suspended from the ceiling and decorated with small LEDs, it can be transformed into an original light with a singular aesthetics. Nothing is lost!

Dimensions: H 14 cm, W 15 cm, D 15 cm

Materials: elm or beech (scraps), packaging-object in 100% recycled cardboard, blown glass tube

Finishing: Natural BIOFA hard oil

Colours: Natural wood (beech and elm)