SLOW WORLD / sculpture-vase

Unique pieces

The SLOW WORLD sculpture-vase is above all an exceptional and highly symbolic creation. A long natural seasoning of the tree trunk of almost 10 years allowed the piece to be turned without any cracks appearing afterwards, whereas, under normal circumstances, the wood would still have "worked". Exceptional creation also by the delicate work of turning, because at any time, there was a risk that the bark would come off.

The artwork has therefore remained intact through slowness, it is the embodiment of "slow", proof that you must be able to give time to things ...


By magic, the nature affixed a magnificent drawing on the wood, thanks to a little mushroom which would have worked ... An imaginary world appeared in a completely random way, like an invitation to reverie and contemplation.

Dimensions: Ø 19 cm approximately, tube Ø 3,5 cm

Materials: birch wood, blown glass tube

Finishing: Left in its natural state

Colours: Natural wood