PETIT CALIBRE / pendants

Unique pieces

PETIT CALIBRE is the first jewelry collection of Beatrix Li-Chin Loos.


A profound need for softness is at the origin of the creation: "It is the softness evoked by the shape of the egg that made me want to create this series of pendants."


As often in her work, the designer likes to combine the raw and the finish. Leather straps simply cut out "raw" contrast with carefully turned wooden eggs whose skin is perfectly smooth. Different species of wood, from the classic to the rarest, are in the game: oak, beech, cherry, mahogany, steamed acacia ... From there is born a singular and racy creation that one will want to touch and which will certainly not pass unnoticed.

Dimensions: H 5,2 cm and Ø 4,2 cm approximately, leather straps in different lengths

Materials: Oak, elm, beech, cherry, mahogany, steamed acacia ..., leather scraps

Finishing: Natural BIOFA hard oil

Colours: Natural wood, leather in different tones of black, grey-green, caramel, white, fluorescent orange, ...