LES COQUETTES / sculpture vases

Limited series

LES COQUETTES, a playful springtime creation, are small single-flower vases with delicate proportions. Undeniably inspired by the curve and the graceful shape of the egg, symbol of renewal and origin of life, this small family of vases evokes femininity and perfect balance. A nod to the famous Fabergé eggs, it is refined and resolutely contemporary.

In spite of their sober and nonchalant silhouette, the vases display a certain coquetry, and do everything to seduce. With amusement, LES COQUETTES are... sometimes shifted, sometimes raised on foot to be better seen, sometimes adorned with a small knot. All punctuated by subtle colour marks like touches of make-up. So pretty!


"With the arrival of spring and a view to a pop-up showcase, that I had to set up, I wanted, very spontaneously, to create some vases, so that the flowers could invade the house. In a very short time, a real little family was born ... the 'Coquettes' that I have the pleasure to present to you today."


Beatrix Li-Chin Loos

Dimensions: H 10,5 cm - 17 cm, Ø 8,8 cm

Materials: beechwood and leather (scraps), blown glass tube

Finishing: Natural BIOFA hard oil, ecofriendly BIOFA lacquers

Colours: Egg yellow, fuchsia, petrol blue, dark grey, natural wood