CAPELINE / candlestick

Unique pieces

CAPELINE is a collection of unusual candlesticks with an elegant and ethereal silhouette, which pays homage to the mythical wide-brimmed "Capeline" hat, a perfect women's accessory.

Sophisticated creation for sober and timeless design, CAPELINE plays with contrasts and materials. Leather, stoneware and wood live together. The suppleness of the "Capeline" is opposed to the straight lines of the wood. It seems to be moving, as if it was in suspension. The so-called "poor" materials are ennobled. The surfaces are intriguing and mislead you: the lacquered chipboard almost looks like concrete and the unfinished one like natural stone.

This new collection gathers the "savoir-faire" of local artisans. The "Capeline", made of leather, is supported by a system of wood screw, an ancestral technique taken from the screw press used in olive oil presses as soon as antiquity. Each candlestick is handmade and born out of the designer's work. Exclusively shaped from scraps of wood and leather with particular care for beautiful finishing, each piece is marked. Each candlestick is a unique creation.

Dimensions: Small size Ø 6,5 cm/18-19 cm, H 29 cm (approximately) / Big size : Ø 8 cm/22-24 cm, H 37 cm

Materials: Leather, beechwood and chipboard (scraps), chamotte stoneware

Finishing: Natural BIOFA hard oil (beechwood), eco-friendly BIOFA lacquer (chipboard)

Colours: Natural beechwood, concrete grey (chipboard), natural tones of different brown shades, sepia and silver (leather), white and brown stoneware