BONSAI EQUILIBRIUM Series Classic / sculpture vases

Very small series

Vase or sculpture? Surely both! 


BONSAI EQUILIBRIUM is a harmonious, gracious and poetic soliflore vase, with the appearance of a little Bonsai. Completely made from scraps of medium lacquered, it is composed of 4 circular pieces, which turn freely around a glass tube. The challenge was to find equilibrium in several positions while keeping an aesthetic shape.


The production is "haute couture": all of the elements are assembled by hand with the greatest care, as are the finishing touches. Each vase is stamped and has its own bespoke packaging, a fully-fledged design object...


It's up to you to find the equilibrium of your bonsai!

Dimensions: H 12 cm, Ø 6-12 cm / H 5,3 cm, W 38,5 cm, D 22,5 cm (packaging-object)

Materials: Scraps of medium, packaging-object in recycled cardboard and leather scrap (handle)

Finishing: Eco-friendly BIOFA lacquer

Colours: White, yellow, grey, taupe, green, black