HOMAGE TO BAUHAUS / candleholder

Limited series

"Having always had a predilection for geometric forms and colours, it was high time for me to pay homage to the Bauhaus, a movement that has accompanied me since my early childhood.


The idea was to create a design with very simple forms. When I was a student in architecture, a project consisted in creating a building with two squares, an exercise I never forgot and which became my starting point in the creation process of this series. The challenge was to find equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality. The more simple the shape is, the trickier it is to find good design. To solve the dilemma I returned to my childhood, playing with wooden squares like a child who plays with building blocks and wants to build a house. A new collection of candleholder and vases was born. Like miniature architectures. Simple, ludic and colourful.


Last but not least, I wanted this project to be an act of resistance, committing a design reduced to elementary forms, timeless and long-lasting, which ignores trends in a frenetic world hungry for novelties."


Beatrix Li-Chin Loos

Dimensions: Square width 10 cm, depth 10 cm,  Circle Ø 9,3 cm

Materials: Elm wood and medium (scraps), glass insert (recycled glass) for a tealight candle

Finishing: Natural BIOFA hard oil, ecofriendly BIOFA lacquers

Colours: Natural wood, white, yellow, red, blue, black, taupe